The Best Restaurants In Tokyo – A Guide For The 1st Time Visitor

Restaurants in Tokyo city boasts for its much higher number of Michelin star holder restaurants in the world. Japan has the finest ingredients and talented Chef’s to make the best use of these using a vast range of cooking styles and adding their own flavours.

Though renowned for its sushi, Tokyo has much more diverse and outstanding dining options from tonkatsu pork cutlets and unagi eel to okonomiyaki pancakes and all about tofu.

So here are some top restaurants in Tokyo serving an array of traditional Japanese and international cuisine.

restaurants in tokyo

Ginza Kojyu

Address – Japan, 〒104-0061 Tokyo, 中央区Ginza, 5 Chome−4−8, カリオカビル

For those willing to relinquish kaiseki dining at its best, Ginza Kojyu is one of the best places to do so in Tokyo. The cosy interiors of the restaurant give a homely feeling where you can watch your dish being cooked and listen to the blurb about your each dish by the servers.

On the seasonally changing menu is traditional Japanese cuisines along with a few twist and turn dishes. So reserve a table and hop in at this small and peaceful restaurant and enjoy some delectable dishes that come at very pocket friendly prices.

Joël Robuchon

Address – Japan, 〒153-0062 Tōkyō-to, Meguro-ku, Mita, 1 Chome−13−1 恵比寿ガーデンプレイス2F

Named after a world-renowned chef Joël Robuchon, the restaurant’s menu offers an exquisite take on modern French cuisine. One can chose from their several degustation menus or order go with the a la carte option.

Try not to fill yourself with the main course as a delicious Kyoho grape mochi with fresh almond ice cream, soya milk and honey coulis is left to perfectly end your meal with. Though you would have to shell out a few bucks but every penny spent will speak its worth at this Michelin three star restaurant.


Address – Japan, 〒162-0825 Tokyo, Shinjuku, Kagurazaka, 5−37, 高村ビル

At Ishikawa you will be welcomed by an attentive staff who will lead you to this famous restaurant through hidden alleyway and your satisfaction will be personally assured by the chef coming around to each table.

You can choose one of their several fixed courses which consist of all from appetiser to soup, sashimi, and a grilled main. One can opt to dine in elegant private dining areas or along the counter watching Chef Hideki Ishikawa at work.


Address – Japan, 〒106-0032 Tokyo, Minato, Roppongi, 7 Chome−17−24 eisu bldg 1F

This is where Chef Seiji Yamamoto’s molecular gastronomy and cutting edge technology has brought a three-Michelin-star to RyuGin. On the menu is a complex culinary delight from charbroiled wild eel to a chilled, lip-quivering fruit dessert accompanied by a sauce heated to 99C.

Chef’s special include a perfectly grilled sweet fish and a glossy red toffee confection filled with powdered ice cream.


Address – 3 Chome-5-2 Akasaka, 港区 Tokyo 107-0052, Japan

The restaurant is a simple and traditional reflection of Japanese culture. With only four tables’, guest are made to feel special with actions like the host preparing tea for just a few guests making it an authentic Japanese experience.

Akiko takes charge of serving and entertaining as diners’ wait for Chef Takazawa prepare their plate. Innovative presentation like a flowerpot-like bowl makes Takazawa even more special.

Ginza Kyubey

Address – 8 Chome-7-6 Ginza, Chūō, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan

No food trail in Tokyo would be complete unless you’ve had that taste of sushi and there is no better place than Ginza flagship of family-run Kyubey to have sushi. Chose your intimate corner and watch the Chef Slice fresh fish for you or opt for private dining space.

No matter where you choose to sit, you will be well served by the kimono-clad staff. Enjoy a heart full chat with the elderly owner Imada-san as you relish the delicious sushi.

With this wind up our exquisite culinary delight in a city that boasts its much awarded restaurants.

For those wondering about their pocket, our selection of restaurants in Tokyo will suit every budget.

So just keep your tummy ready and enjoy.

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