Best Places for Shopping in Ensenada, Mexico

A lot of tourists and locals enjoy shopping in Ensenada along with visiting its white sandy beaches, innumerable historical sites, local culture and a lot more things. With a variety of malls, stores, bazaars, handicrafts and souvenirs, Ensenada is an irresistible treat for those who are the shopaholics.

shopping in ensenada

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Wondering what you can do in Ensenada or where to go? This list will help you to find out some best places for shopping in Ensenada.

Boulevard Lopez Mateos

It is no doubt one of the most popular and appealing locations for shopping in Ensenada. Extends for several blocks it runs through the centre of the city. Just a few steps away from the coast you will find a market consist of stalls, boutiques, bazaars and all kind of stores.

The Bricks and Casa Colonial

The Bricks and Casa is a place to get the art and craft items. You will also get items made with silver. One can also get low priced Kahlua and tequila from here. This place also offers an assortment of Mexican –made clothes for men and women, rugs and carpets, haberdasheries, wooden handicrafts, pottery and ceramics like plates and statues.

La Bufadora Market

La Bufadora is truly a paradise for shopping lovers. Located near the Ensenada coast this market is a typical flea market where you will find unlimited souvenirs and curios.

The Fish Market

It is the second largest seafood market in Mexico. The extraordinary seafood market in Ensenada is usually known as Mercado Negro. Here you will find the finest and freshest fish in the town. Most of the shops and stalls sell fresh fishes right from the sea. Nearby everything from yellow tail tuna and huge shrimps and octopus. Local restaurants and street food joints in Ensenada offer all kind of seafood.

Bazar Casa Ramirez

Casa Ramirez offers you a special collection of art that displays the real Mexican colors. With the variety of designs, color, shapes and artistic creations from all over Mexico will leave you spellbound. In these two stores building, you will find the best collection of folk art, crosses, mirrors and silver at a very affordable price.

The Tequila Room

If you are passionate about tequila, there no better place than Tequila Room. Sourced from all over Mexico, some of the bottles here are artwork in themselves. Enjoy the free tequila testing under the supervision of experienced people that help you to find a good bottle to buy.

Nativa Alma de Mexico

Native Alma de Mexico is one of the best clothing brands in the country where handmade textile is used to make clothes. The best thing about Nativa is that each piece is unique from each other.


Located on the first street of the main city, Uniquea is known for its variety of handicraft as well as for its mission to make Mexico the best place to live. It offers a special blend of handmade jewellery and Mexican handicraft. Another unique and best thing about this place is that all profits are donated to a foundation to support their safe home for the girls who have been molested, abused and abandoned. Uniquea also offers a big range of Boba tea, frappes, lattes, chai and many more.

Papas & Beer

It is a really a happening place to spend some time after shopping in Ensenada. Enjoy in several bars while you are here. There is a large variety of bars and restaurants in the heart of the city for people to enjoy. There are also several liquor shops where you can pick up bottles of mezcal, tequila, and non-Mexican liquor.

Avenida Adolfo López Mateos

It is another well-known attraction in Mexico. Located in the heart of the city, this place is known for Regional History Museum and Monte Xanic where you will love once in a lifetime. You will get a wide range of clothes, handicrafts and art and craft in the nearest flea market at a reasonable price.

We hope this article will help you to find best shopping places in Ensenada. Keep following our blogs, for more such interesting information on Ensenada.

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